May 16, 2015

iPhone Uses Sony's Imaging Sensor

News and Reviews Gadget Technology - iPhone Uses Sony's Imaging Sensor

News and Reviews Gadget Technology - iPhone Uses Sony's Imaging Sensor

Sony's smartphone division can still continue to struggle against its competitors in the market despite the hobbled steps. But apparently few people who know that there is another business unit that was brilliant in the body of Sony, the camera produces imaging department. Did you know that Sony have benefited from the sale of each iPhone 6 ?.

All the technology enthusiast know that Sony does not just make smartphones. But Sony also manufactures digital cameras of this type of pocket, prosumer to professional. Not only that, Sony also manufactures image sensors specifically for mobile devices. His skill in making image sensors for mobile devices make it lead the image sensor market for mobile devices. Based on this information turned out to sony owns 40% of the entire market sales of camera sensors in 2014 as reported by the Wall Street Journal on page one (Friday, 05/15/2015).

The success of Sony's image sensor market beat peers from California OmniVision (15.7%) and Samsung (15.2%). Even if both company combined sales achievement, accomplishment can not beat Sony.

The reason of the achievements Sony because it can dominate the market is. almost all top class phone using the image sensor made by Sony. Even the iPhone 6 using Sony's camera sensor products front and rear cameras. Wow!

If you unpack the latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 will be found with the code IMX240 image sensor. Image sensor with the code name made by Sony IMX240. The question is why Samsung would prefer an image sensor made by Sony when Samsung was able to make his own.

Analysts say that Sony gain 20 US dollars on every product sold smartphone iPhone 6 in the market. But do not just be seen from these small numbers, but you should know that Apple has sold more than 61 million units of the iPhone 6 in the second quarter of this year.