May 10, 2015

LG G4 Vs iPhone 6 Uniquely Leather Back vs Metal

LG G4 Vs iPhone 6 Uniqly Leather Back vs Metal

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LG G4 is the latest smartphone from LG G Series row. Smartphone with 5.5 inch screen and is equipped with 16 mega pixel camera will take it to the gadget war in the world of smartphones. One of the rivals of the entire smartphone is the iPhone 6, A smartphone from Apple is only equipped with 8 Megapixel camera and screen only 4.7 inches, but can beat back competitors.

LG G4 and iPhone 6 are two different phones, sizes, operating systems, specification, or in terms of price. But they are both struggling in the same market share in the luxury mobile phone class.

In terms of design, size LG that offers a big screen with 5.5 inch diagonal will be influential in terms of dimensions. LG G4 has a length of 10.8 mm compared to its rival, the iPhone 6, which is only equipped with 4.7-inch screen makes it smaller than the LG G4 measuring 148.9 mm. LG G4 9.1 width greater than the iPhone 6 measuring just 67 mm with a thickness of 6.9 mm. While the thickness of LG G4 is very dynamic because LG is designed convex rear body with the highest size 9.8 mm and the smallest 6.3mm. In terms of weight, the iPhone is much more lightweight 26 grams of LG G4 which weighs 155 grams. In the hand grip, LG G4 will feel more solid.

Slim curve design arc be an interesting thing. At the top and bottom designed with arcing shape and logo LG is beneath the surface. LG G4 also offers a choice of color more than the iPhone. In addition to the rear casing LG made of leather. This makes the LG G4 look elegant and unique.

In terms of features. iPhone 6 closes drawbacks by presenting a fingerprint scanner features are laid out in the home button. Also if you want to shop in the United states, you do not need to pay for your purchases with cash because the iPhone 6 is equipped with Apple Pay. Unfortunately, Apple Pay feature can only be used in the United States. To compete with the iPhone 6 features, Lg G4 has been equipped with an IR Blaster and smartphone application that lets you control your TV or other electronic devices.

Although LG G4 carries the 5.5-inch screen with a resolution quad super sharp HD quality, but noticeably dimmer than the iPhone 6, which has a 4.7 inch screen and a screen resolution of 750x1334 pixels perched on numbers vs. 1440x2560. What happened?

LG G4 using UX 4.0 is based on Android Lollipop. Quick Shot and Split Screen multitasking is a new thing that will be found on LG G4. Compared with iOS-based iPhone app ecosystem 8 offers.

Basically Quick Shot is a shortcut to use the camera simply by pressing the Volume Down button twice will bring up a camera on the screen even though at that time the G4 in a condition LG screen off or while you run other apps. A breakthrough shortcut very quickly to capture the moment ang sometimes through unexpectedly. On the iPhone 6 offers UI with buttons look flat and sharp colors. In addition, LG also offers Qslide features a groundbreaking mini apps that float on the top of the screen and Dual Window which add split-screen multi-tasking. While the iPhone has not had these advanced features.

Lg G4 chose equipped with Qualcomm chipset devices Snappdragon 808 of the series 810. This is because often there are reports of overheating in the device. While Apple iphone 6 simply use Apple Chipset A 8 but claimed to have a better ability.

Section GPU, PowerVR Img iPhone entrust Tec GX6450 for a better view while LG G4 uses the latest GPU Adreno 418. The simple conclusion is that the use of these GPU effect on game performance. Surely both types of GPU has more value on several sides. Lg G4 is supported with a higher capacity than the iPhone 6 is 3GB while the iPhone only 1 GB.

On the camera. LG G4 equipped with 16 MP resolution camera, while the iPhone 6 is only equipped with a powerful 8 megapixel camera only. Can iPhone 6 exceeded LG G4?

However, based on statistics speed cameras, the iPhone 6 turns out to surpass LG G4.

What about battery life? And comes with li-ion type battery 3000 mAh make the iPhone 6 have to recognize the benefits of its rivals. Because the iPhone looks to have a smaller battery capacity in 1810 mAh Li-Po based.