May 10, 2015

Smartphone Apple iPhone 6 Still Best on Game Perform

Smartphone Apple iPhone 6 Still Best on Game Perform

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Samsung and the iPhone are the two giant companies that continuously into the spotlight Gadgey lovers. In this year, the two smartphone gadget maker has produced two series flagship smartphone gadgets that continue to flood the market. From Samsung itself has released Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 some time ago. Samsung itself was already using 14nm technology and the use of LPDDR4 RAM capacity of 3GB. But Apple iphone with iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus still uses 1 GB RAM.

One differentiator between the two Apple and Samsung's flagship smartphone is, on the Apple iPhone using PowerVR GPU GX6450 (quad-core graphics) while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mali-T760MP8. Two types of GPU is the best graphics processor commonly embedded on smartphone classy gadget.

From the little details technology that carried, it can be assessed on paper Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is featured smartphone with the ability of the highest class today. However, some specifications of the smartphone's comparative began to wonder what if the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 game pitted the iPhone 6, which on paper specifications iPhone 6 away underneath.

Experiments performed in test results GameBench, it again showed quite surprising results. Smartphone Apple iPhone 6 which has a lower spec is still a winner in the gaming business. Even smartphone Apple iPhone 6 could be said to be still better than be some Android phones in-game performance.

Heavy games like Modern Combat 5, Marvel Champions, Boom Beach, as well as Dead Trigger 2 was able to run very stable in the smartphone Apple iPhone 6 compared to some other Android smartphones with her classmates.

But the game perform this assessment may be influenced by many factors. Like games in these trials is the type of game that has been optimized by the developer for iOS-based devices on the iPhone 6. As for the Android platform on Samsung Galaxy S 6 has not gotten optimization and performance in iOS still make a better level.

Does this indicate that the default iPhone iOS 6 along with the hardware has a better ability than the Samsung Galaxy S6. Although the emergence of the iPhone 6 is a smartphone which lags far behind Samsung Galaxy S 6 has just been released early in 2015 but is still able to challenge the development of game technology that continues to move forward.