May 10, 2015

Oneplus Smartphone Maker History

Oneplus Smartphone Maker History

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Oneplus Smartphone is one of the company located in China. At first, Oneplus founded by five people, Carl Pei, Pete Lau et al. The new company in the field of consumer electronics was founded in December 2013 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

In the beginning, Marketing smartphone product of Oneplus only in the countries in America and Europe. The reason is, these countries are countries that are open in the creation of new products, especially smartphones. Initial marketing Oneplus executed very simple. Oneplus market their products using social media, Facebook and Twitter. As a result, Oneplus get a positive reaction from such a simple way.

After the product Oneplus One entry to American and European markets, OnePlus One began to be known since many media who covered the product. On July 2014, OnePlus One also entered into Time magazine. Getting keberuntugan very good in American and European markets, Oneplus pemasarnnya optimitis to expand into the Asian market. India became the first Asian country to taste Oneplus One but shortly after marketing in India's troubled and stopped. In 2015 it Oneplus tried preserve of southeast asia market. Company semartphon gadget maker is holding the biggest online store in Indonesia, Lazada. Indonesia became the first country in Southeast Asia is the target market Oneplus One.

Many commented that the products made smartphone gadget Oneplus has similarities with products made in Oppo smartphone gadget. Perhaps, as one of the founders Oneplus Derived from the company. Actually, this is only an opinion only. If you look carefully very different. Especially from the body. The back of the body OnePlus One gives the impression of "comfortable in the hand". However, the popularity of Oneplus not because it is similar to the Oppo but offered a very affordable price with specifications gadget high-end smartphone and is packed with elegant design.

With a very affordable price indeed Oneplus not take too much advantage. But, OnePlus One is designed such that it becomes an elegant premium smartphone and superior class. The process of designing the body of a smartphone requires a very long time. Before deciding to use the concept of sandstone on the back of the smartphone body, for example, Oneplus tried a few times to experiment using natural elements. Eg bamboo smartphone concept.

Oneplus efforts in making the products featured Android smartphone is also trying not to miss even the smallest detail. This will be felt when holding the parts, which are selected and fitted with very carefully. To be more frugal, we also do not have their own retail. OnePlus decided to work with e-commerce platform to distribute products to a smartphone gadget lovers. The key, making the best-selling smartphone in the market should have a distinguishing feature. The design may not be the same or following other smartphones gadget products.

Speaking of hardware, should give a taste of the performance of the product is a classy, ​​premium and elegant. So that consumers are not only satisfied by visual (body design), but also functional. To meet the wishes of customers in Southeast Asia are quite high, OnePlus also plans to open a headquarters in Singapore in the near future.

After the success of Smartphone Oneplus One in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia. Oneplus reportedly will soon release a successor product Oneplus One. Oneplus Two rumored as the name of the successor generation smartphone gadget predecessor. Two Oneplus will reportedly have specifications such as the use of premium-class smartphone Snapdragon 810 chipset, 4GB of RAM, front camera and a 5 MP Rear Camera 20 MP, 5.5 inch screen with high resolution and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

Oneplus Two rumored to be using OS-based H2O android. This is in contrast to its predecessor that using CyanogenMod