June 07, 2012

Sony Vaio Z series Coming with 1.1 Kg Light Weight and Tough Performance

News and Reviews Gadget Technology: Sony showoff the latest Vaio Z series at Computext 2012 which take place on Taipei this week.

Sony Vaio Z series equipped with the latest Ivy Bridge Processor family, quad-core i5 3rd generation and 8 GB of RAM. Sony Vaio Z series also added the Full HD 1080p feature.

Different with the other ultrabook product, the Sony Vaio Z series comes with super slim, only 16,7 mm thin and 1.1 kg lightweight. So, the 1.1 kg light weight is the reason why Sony Vaio Z series said to be the most lightest ultrabook and called the ultra-ultrabook.

Sony Vaio Z series also comes with the higher processor if you interested to the best performance and appearance with Intel Core i7, of course it will make you pay more money to buy.

What makes Sony Vaio Z  expensive? The case use the premium carbon fiber design, Windows 7 Ultimate, 13.1" backlit Full HD display, a 512 GB Solid State Drive and the latest Ivy Bridge processors family

Starting price at $1599.99

Source: Sony