August 09, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Thinner Than Rivals

News and Reviews Gadgets Technology: Apple iPhone 5 Thinner Than Rivals

Rumors about the iPhone 5 just kept popping up. Once the size of the screen and dock connector 9 pin, now the news spread about the size of the dimensions of the iPhone 5. Rumors, iPhone 5 will be thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S III!
Rumors, iPhone 5 will use the screen "Retina" greater
Quoted from BGR, the iPhone will reportedly have a width of 5 58.47 mm, 123.83 mm in length, and thickness of only 7.6 mm.
5 If the iPhone really has a thickness of only 7.6 mm, the latest generation Apple iPhone will be thinner than 1 mm Samsung Galaxy S III. In addition, the iPhone 5 will be 0.2 mm thinner than HTC One S.
BGR alone predict, after comparing each component distributor and check some video-related iPhone 5, if the rumors about the size of the highly accurate. Even so, these rumors are unsubstantiated until the time of its release later.

Previously, the word got out that states that the iPhone 5 will use the dock connector that is smaller than the previous generation iPhone. iPhone 5 are expected to use the dock with a 9 pin.
Some analysts in the virtual world was already making predictions about whether these products would sell well or not in the market. Products that have not even officially introduced by Apple is expected to sell 200 million units.
iPhone 5 will reportedly be launched on 12 September. The launch will be carried out simultaneously with the introduction iPad Mini.