April 10, 2015

3 Cellphone with Self Charging Feature

News and Review Gadget Technology: Digfutech still curious about the theme that we present on a few days ago. Our theme stretcher miraculous last day is: self-charging cellphone as in writing that we have the talk about by title Your Heat Can Be Charging Batteries Power Source or Meridiist Infinite The First Self Charging Phone.

But at this time we collect information about the product which will be the next future technolgy choise while charging your gadget by plugging in the wired charger to electric power source.

1. Samsung Crest E1107 Solar Cellphone
The first self-charging cellphone come from the corea manufacturer. Release date on 2009 June, Samsung barely introdeuce its first Solar Powered Mobile Phone which only featued with coloured 1.52 inch display, no expandable memory,  no camera. its only equiped with FM radio and GPRS calss 10.

The unique is, its only around $59 on that year. deserve it, samsung only targeting developing countries to market.

Sharp is out of my mind to produce the self-charging cellphone featured. As its press release mentioned: "The SH6230C is equipped with advanced technology originally developed in Japan, including Sharp’s proprietary solar cell module, a large 2.9-inch LCD screen, and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera. Given the increasing demand for the solar charging function, Sharp will bring the solar-powered mobile phones to the global markets."

So, Sharp Solar Hybrid SH230C reach the better specification and features than Samsung Crest E1107. 

3. Meridiist Infinite by Tag Heuer
Meridiist Infinite is also self charging cellphone Released at June 2014. It simply equip their products with technology GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz only. mass storage space large enough for up to 8 GB an a 5MP camera.

Meridiist Infinite designed with sharp line and firmly. However, solid design and luxury. The phone is made using titanium, carbon fiber, and fancy rubber. It will be available in a limited quantity of 1911 pieces, each with a price tag to match. Developed by Sunpartner Technologies, Wysips Crystal incorporates transparent photovoltaic component, which is placed between the sapphire glass and the LCD display. The solution charges the handset automatically when exposed to both natural and artificial light.

Of the three phones that have better features are SHARP SOLAR HYBRID SH6230C, but if you are more bo-effective price, Samsung Crest E1107 Solar Cellphone be the right choice. But if you are more than happy with a sturdy design and made of metal, the Meridiist Infinite by Tag Heuer is more appropriate to accompany you in the outdoor but you have to have a lot of money to get it.

SHARP SOLAR HYBRID SH6230C and Samsung Crest E1107 Solar Cellphone have the same type that makes one side of the phone as light energy harvesting while Meridiist Infinite by Tag Heuer makes the screen as a converter of light to electricity, and is arguably the latest digital technology.

Hopefully my writing useful.