April 07, 2015

Your Heat Can Be Charging Batery Power Source

Your Heat Can Be Charging Batery Power Source
Technological developments continue racing decade makes experts continue to think hard raises new technology. Previously only the battery may be recharged by passing the battery power source to another. But recently has found a new way to replenish the battery power by using body heat.

The project was conducted by Dr. Gang Chen and his team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to sources that we get from the site dailymail, measuring two centimeters battery is at high temperatures can provide more electricity than the low temperature. The battery charges in condition 20 degrees C to 60 degrees C. Although the prototype for can not be declared perfect, but this will bring new opportunities in the added features of a mobile phone as had been triggered by Tag Heuer Meridiist Infinite though the basis of different applications.

Obviously this will bring up a new idea that is self-powered phones. If what Dr. Gang Chen reach the goal it was not long in the next year will appear this product. Mobile phone manufacturers will race the race to apply these batteries in each production.

Source: Dailymail