April 07, 2015

Meridiist Infinite The First Self Charging Phone

Meridiist Infinite The First Self Charging Phone
The problem is the battery of your smartphone is very low when you on your traveling day and you got no place to recharge it. You will be inconvenience, right.

Tag Heuer world’s leading watchmakers seems like take adventage of the situation above. It is Meridiist Infinite released on June 2014, this device build by metal material. So you will think it is rugged. Designed with sharp line and firmly. However, solid design and luxury, not comparable with the facilities and features offered when compared with the development of information technology in accordance with the trend of the year.

User needs of today's mobile communication devices not only make calls and send text messages alone. However, a fast internet connection and reliable is one of the priorities. Infinite Meridiist not seem to give it offers. It simply equip their products with technology GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz only. But, mass storage space large enough for up to 8 GB an a 5MP camera will covered a little weakness of this product.

Hope for the future, the company can produce mobile devices with the same theme but with variations latest features and keep abreast of market needs. Not only offers self charging

You must spend $5,000 to have this phone and it is limited product.