April 05, 2015

5 Free Video Editing App For Your Android

Do you like to record every moment there and you like to edit videos with your Android phone? Your loss for video editing applications for your android phone?

Not to be confused. Digfutech this time will give you tips video editing android app downloads are free. Which needs to be understood is a free application that will certainly many featur limited but is sufficient to meet your needs in doing video editing. So, here goes the 5 Free Video Editing App For Your Android 
1. Andromedia Video Editor
This became the first of 5 Free Video Editing App For Your Android application that we mentioned. This application can be used on smartphones Samsung Galaxy SII equivalent or higher. The advantage is that the interface by the accessibility and functionality. Basic features offered to users as Triming clip, cut, video transitions, and so forth.
Render was quite good, although when rendering requires quite a long time (several minutes). Disadvantages of this application is to be slow sometimes accompanied Lag performance plus the ad and Pop-Up that are emerging.
2. AndroidVid Video Trimmer
This application is put in terms of performance. Its functions better than Andromedia Video Editor However, the inter-face is still inferior to that application. But in terms of performance and the outcome of this application is still better. Due to this free application, it will still appear advertisements that often make us annoyed.
AndroidVid can easily cut your video clip, just as easily as Androidmedia Video Editor. Unfortunately, you have to do it manually. If you want to be more complete, our suggestion buy the pro version of this application. In their pro version provides more features of video editing and effects. The end result of editing using this application is quite impressive, especially if the person knows that the video that we created just use the smartphone as a medium for video editing.

3. VidTrim- Video Trimmer
Like that simple? This application is perfect if you just want to cut video without combining it with clips or other video. This application is a free download, the interface is neat, its performance was quite decent for a free video editing application. Materials you can convert video into audio only. Actually, this application can deliver a more complete features and better, but you have to buy the Pro version of it.
4. Magisto Video Editor and Maker
Again, similar to VidTrim applications. This application is not a video editing application department. We can think of it as Instagramnya video. This application allows you to insert filters to your video in a way that is not complicated. This application is not to make the combined videos, but this application is more appropriately used as a Post-Production or often referred to as the finishing touch. This application can insert effects and filters to your video to appear more beautiful.
5. Video Maker Pro
This application is a versatile application, together with the first two applications. Unfortunately in this application more often we encounter bugs its probably because that is a lot. But if you use the Galaxy Note 3 seem to use this application will not be a problem. The interface is not very good, this application provides two display, editing and display the results. Imagine if you use a 4-inch smartphone, the video shown will be very small. So, this application Paseban advice is more suitable for samrtphone widescreen, it will assist you in viewing and navigation.
That 5 Free Video Editing App For Your Android  you can use to cut, merge, add decoration to your video. Restrictions feature would be difficult for you to surf the editing capabilities. The bottom line is this application is free although you can buy the pro version and would you be satisfied with a single step without having to polish editing the video from one application to another application.

Source: Paseban